Master's Program in Human Genetics
and Genetic Counseling

In 2008, Stanford accepted its first class into the MS in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling degree, and the classes of 2010 and 2011 have now graduated!  Be a part of this exciting opportunity and help shape our GC program!  Join a world renowned Genetics department located at a top 10 medical school and in one of the most beautiful and diverse areas of the country.  Our program will utilize state of the art genomics resources that are already well developed at Stanford, and train you to work with patients in a wide range of settings and from a multicultural background. 

Stanford's curriculum is set up on the quarter system, and students will take 6 academic quarters of work, and conduct clinical rotations full time through the summer between their first and second years.  The course distribution (2012-2013 Curriculum) will allow students to take 1-3 elective courses in an area of their choice, such as Spanish language training, cancer genetics, pediatrics, reproductive health issues, or biomedical ethics.

2011: We are proud to have received full accreditation from ABGC for 6 years!    


Currently accepting applications for Fall 2015 admission until December 16, 2014


Class of 2015

from left: Della Bro, Sophie Blease, Elise Calonico, Allie Newhall, Rebecca Luiten, RJ Okamura, Ping Gong

Class of 2014

from left: Kim Splinter, Anastasia Richardson, Ashley Navarro, Kelly Broady, Katie Kobara, Shannon Rego, Erica Stricko


Class of 2013

from left: (top) Emily Hendricks, Rachel Farrell, Adrienne Miller, (bottom) Sahil Kejriwal, Kristen Dilzell, Amirah Khouzam, Greg Kellogg


Class of 2012 - graduated 6/16/12

from left: Aarin Ables, Jessica Profato, Bita Nehoray, Layla Shahmirzadi, Megan Grove,Nadine Rayes, Emily Hurford


Class of 2011 - graduated 6/11/2011

from left: Reana Tischler, Kyla Dunn, Gemma Chandratillake, Lili Kuzmich, Kim VandeWydeven, Stephanie Sottile, Myla Ashfaq

front row: Andrea Kwan, Louanne Hudgins, Kelly Ormond


Class of 2010 - graduated 6/12/2010

from left: Sarah Bannon, Deborah Barragan, Ellyn Farrelly, Diana Darcy, Melissa Mills, Amanda Knoth


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