Gastroenterology Fellowship Program

"The faculty truly have your BEST interest at heart. I developed my own research project and instead of morphing it to fit one of my attendings' current research interests, they encouraged and taught me on how to become an independent investigator

Program Overview


The Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology currently offers three fellowships.
They include the ACGME-approved GI fellowship (4 fellows per year) and advanced endoscopy (1 per year) and hepatology (1 per year) fellowships. 

The GI fellowship training program consists of 3-3.5 year curricula designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for pursuit in an academic career, including clinical competency, scholarly excellence, and proficiency in education. 

We strictly adhere to the ABIM policy that each fellow is required to complete 18 months of direct patient care activities.  The first year in our fellowship is dedicated to consultative in-patient service and general gastroenterology outpatient practice.  Subsequent rotations focus on refinement of their clinical skills via mostly outpatient experience in subspecialty clinics and procedures.


Our fellows master the clinical and procedural skills required to practice general gastroenterology and hepatology and meet all ACGME and ABIM requirements upon completing the fellowship.

Our program takes it seriously that all fellows must acquire experience in original research conducive to an independent scholarly career, whether may be basic laboratory, clinical or population-based. At Stanford, there are numerous opportunities to work with leading research faculty in and outside the Division.

A variety of funding mechanisms support fellows’ research as well as travel for presentation of their work are provided by the Division and the School of Medicine.


If you come to Stanford GI Fellowship, you will inherit a second family. I knew nobody in the Bay Area before I came to Stanford and by the end of my time there, I was always out the door going to co-fellow social events!"