General Administrative Office
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Alway Building, Room M211
300 Pasteur Drive, MC: 5187
Stanford, CA 94305-5187

Patient Care Requests
For patient-related inquiries, please contact our clinic at 650-736-5555. For patient referral or pharmacy requests, send fax to 650-498-6323.
Title Contact Information
Division Manager Susan Lydick 
Phone: 650-723-6914
Fax: 650-723-5488
Division Executive Assistant to: Division Chief, Ray Kim, M.D.; Vice Chief, Uri
Ladabaum, M.D.,M.S.; Division Manager, Susan Lydick; faculty member, Aida Habtezion, M.D.
Jason Martin
Phone: 650-725-6511
Fax: 650-723-5488
Finance Manager Zarina Ali
Phone:(650) 723-3879. Fax:650-723-5488
 Project Administrator, Faculty Recruitment Administrator Diane Ayala
Research Administrator/Grants Manager Christine Bailey
Phone: 650-497-9009
Administrative Associate to: Linda Nguyen, M.D., Berkeley Limketkai, MD,
Subhas Banerjee, M.D., Shai Friedland, M.D., Nielsen Fernandez-Becker, M.D., Mildred Garcia, M.D., John Clarke, M.D.
Sheila Bautista
Phone: 650-736-0431
Fax: 650-498-5174
Administrative Associate to: Paul Kwo, M.D., Aijaz Ahmed, M.D., M.D., Glen Lutchman, M.D., Gabe Garcia, M.D., Peter Gregory, M.D. Pam Douglas
Phone: 650-498-6080
Fax: 650-498-5692
Division Administrator Randi Frias
Fax 650-497-9263
Administrative Associate to: Harry Greenberg, M.D. Monique Hunt
Phone: 650-725-9722
Fax: 650-725-7368
Administrative Associate to: Tami Daugherty, MD., Radhika Kumari, MD.,Sarah Streett, MD., Renu Dhanasekaran, MD, Aparna Goel, MD, Channa Jayasekara, MD, Mindie Nguyen, MD Jeff Mathews
Phone: 650-498-6084
Fax: 650-498-5692
Research Administrator/Grants Manager Donna Medved
Phone: 650-723-7031
Fax: 650-723-5488
Administrative Associate to: Laren Becker, M.D., Daman Grewal, M.D., Philip Okafor, M.D., Ed Sheen, M.D., Kirsten Regalia, M.D., Irene Sonu, M.D., David Limsui, M.D. Abbey Hamilton

Administrative Associate to: Walter Park, M.D., Matthew S. Chang, M.D.,  Horace Rhee, MD, Sidhartha Sinha, M.D., Sundeep Singh, M.D.


Vanessa Sykes
Phone:650-725-3370 Fax:650723-5488

Fellowship Coordinator


Elaine Tschorn
Professor of Medicine (Gastroenterology and Hepatology) at the Stanford University Medical Center
Clinical Division Mgr 3, Medicine - Med/Gastroenterology and Hepatology
(650) 723-6914