Lean Process

  1. Lean Launch
    1. 8-12 person team
    2. 3 day launch
    3. Understand the issue
    4. Align on the issue, goal, and metrics
    5. Generate ideas
    6. Create a plan
  2. Set up viz boards and time to meet regularly
    1. Meet and work on planned ideas
    2. Use viz board to share team work, issues, and accountability
  3. 30, 60, 90 day report outs
    1. Report to management and other team members
    2. Get input and incorporate into next steps
  4. New ideas generated as progress is made
    1. Track new ideas on viz board
    2. Work on new ideas as they make sense
  5. Continued improvement
    1. Keep making progress on original launch
    2. Extend out to other parts of your work