Administration Dean's Office

Finance and Administration Mission

Stanford University School of Medicine
Mission Statement

To be a premier research-intensive medical school that improves health through leadership, diversity, and a collaborative approach to discovery and innovation in patient care, education, and research.

Office of Finance and Administration
Mission Statement

As partners with the faculty and students, the Medical School's staff are committed to providing the administrative infrastructure to support the pursuit of excellence in education, patient care and innovation, and research.

Office of Finance and Administration
Strategic Plan Goals

1. Resource Allocation Initiative

To create a responsive administrative organization that effectively provides the resources, infrastructure and incentives required to support the School's education, patient care and research activities, revise resource allocation principles and methodologies to align them with school priorities.

2. Continuous Planning Initiative

To ensure the optimum utilization of the School's resources, develop a continuous planning and evaluation function.

3. Staff Accountability and Responsibility Initiative

To develop and promote an acknowledged standard for administrative excellence based on the core values of professionalism, integrity and personal responsibility and service, develop mechanisms for the establishment and exercise of administrative staff accountability in the conduct of the Medical School's business.

4. Staff Rewards and Incentives Initiative

To continuously promote a culture that clearly recognizes and values the role of staff as partners in the success of the School's core missions and to create an environment that attracts and retains the highest quality staff, revise faculty and staff compensation plans to ensure appropriate rewards and incentives and develop mechanisms for rewards and incentives for administrative partners across SUMC organizations.

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