The FAST Lab

Fidelity, Adaptation, Sustainability, and Training Lab at The National Center for PTSD

Principal Investigator: Shannon Wiltsey-Stirman, Ph.D.


The "Fidelity, Adaptation, Sustainability of Treatments" Lab Studies: 

  • Fidelity: The adherence to prescribed elements of treatment and competence/skill of delivery; How much a clinician follows protocol as it was originally intended
  • Adaptation: Changing specific parts of a psychotherapy (changing aspects of the protocol) to better meet the needs of an individual or constraints within the service delivery setting
  •  Sustainability: The delivery of an intervention over the long term, after original implementation supports are removed, at a level sufficient to yield the intended benefits of that intervention
  • Training: We are conducting research to learn what the most efficient and effective ways to train and support therapists as they learn to delivery evidence-based treatments.


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Implementation Science

The FAST Lab uses and studies principles of Implementation Science. Implementation Science information and resources can be found here:

Kera Mallard, Project Coordinator of the CPT Sustainability Study Presented on Consultation Activities at ABCT in Novmeber of 2017

Kera Mallard presnted data from a previous study. 

Dr. Wiltsey-Stirman Presents at Society for Implementation Research Collaborative (SIRC) in Seattle, WA

Dr. Wiltsey-Stirman presented data from the CPT Pilot Study in Seattle. 

Shannon Wiltsey-Stirman discussing the implementation of CBT for depression in routine clinical practice settings and the practical considerations at the University of Monterrey, in Mexico

imAPP is a go!

The F.A.S.T. Lab just recieved Notice of Award for an R01 grant to begin her imAPP study! Click here to learn more!

Monktoberfest 2016: Shannon Wiltsey Stirman - Mental Health Recovery: Is There An App for That?

Alumna (Dr. Wiltsey-Stirman) Works to Help Vets Overcome Trauma

Click here to check out what Dr. Wiltsey-Stirman's alma mater, St. John's College, has to say about her important work!

Check this out!

Take a look at this implementation science resource Dr. Wiltsey Stirman helped develop!