Faculty Resources

Simple Precepting Tools

How to Orient Learners to the Practice Setting Guide; One Minute Preceptor; Constructive Feedback; Introducing Learners to Patients Tips; Two-Minute Teaching; Technique for Observing the Learner; Five-Step Method for Teaching Clinical Skills; Priming Learner for Patient Encounter

PracticalPro - Effective Clinical Teaching

6 Modules: Preparing to Teach; Teaching Nuts & Bolts; Observations & Feedback; Assessment; Learners in Difficulty; Working with IMGs.

The Clinician-Educator’s Handbook

20 chapter book addresses a wide variety of issues of clinical education. Designed so that most chapters can be read free-standing and can be used as a reference when looking for specific information. The authors have divided general teaching techniques (such as establishing goals and objectives, setting curriculum, and asking questions) into their own chapters, distinct from setting-specific chapters.