Faculty Community

OFDD offers many programs intended to foster inclusivity and visibility for members of our diverse faculty community.

  • Networks

    OFDD sponsors several networking and community building initiatives that aim to foster an atmosphere of inclusion among a diverse faculty at the School of Medicine.

  • OFDD Liaisons

    Each clinical department has an appointed OFDD Liaison responsible for communicating faculty needs and concerns between departmental chairs, departmental faculty, and OFDD.

  • Stanford Network for Advancement and Promotion

    Participants in each cohort of the Stanford Network for Advancement and Promotion (SNAP) program work closely together to enhance leadership skills and build a community of support from which they can rely on as they grow and advance within the Stanford community.

Stanford Medicine Abilities Coalition

To combat health inequities and improve access to care and services for patients with disabilities

Foster and advocate for the equal treatment and well-being of everyone at Stanford Medicine, regardless of differences.

Promote collaboration between people who are passionate about disability at Stanford Medicine.

Advocate for accessibility, resources and disability services at Stanford Medicine, above and beyond that required by law.

Promote disability as a part of human diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

Contact OFDD

Please let us know if you have questions or need more information about our programs.