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8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Manuscript Writing and Collaboration

LKSC 3rd floor, Dean's Suite Boardroom 320

Instructor: Laure Aurelian, PhD (Stanford Medicine and University of Maryland at Baltimore)

A well-recognized intellectual and scientific niche is the first step towards Academic Success. While niche establishment depends on the quality of your research, its recognition is primarily determined by the successful presentation of your findings to the scientific community. Therefore, manuscript writing is a key factor in your academic success. Clear writing is one essential reason that papers are accepted for publication and grants are funded. In this context, communication, defined by the reader’s comprehension of your written message becomes the key to your success. The potential contribution of collaborative science towards your academic success is another significant element in niche development.

Dr. Laure Aurelian, who also leads OFDD’s quarterly K-Award workshop, will discuss different strategies to help you develop your own clear way of data presentation. She will explain reviewers’ and readers’ expectations and the most common misconceptions, provide an overview of the strategies to be used in order to write the best manuscript and discuss a pilot program for one-on-one consultation to provide specific help, as needed.



Key Messages
  • Understand the power of data presentation and how it is appropriate for you
  • What makes a poor writer? Why you might be your own worst enemy
  • How to say more with less: The power of conciseness
  • How to impress your readers with simple, less pompous writing 
  • Clear Writing = Clear Thinking = Clear Writing
  • How Significance, Impact, Innovation are vital concepts in manuscript writing 
  • Writing your manuscript; required components 
  • Detailed examples will show which revisions you should consider
  • Understand how to navigate collaboration in career development



Who Should Attend:

Assistant Professors, Clinical Assistant Professors, Instructors and Clinical Instructors interested in a career in academic medicine only are eligible to apply. 

**Please note: the first 2.5 hours are spent on the Manuscript Writing portion of the workshop, with the remaining hour spent on the Collaboration portion.