Faculty Recruitment

Stanford Medicine Emphasizes Diversity in Recruitment


Dedication to Equity

  • Stanford Medicine provides equal employment opportunities for all applicants and employees in compliance with applicable laws.

Diversity Officers

  • Each search committee requires a diversity officer to be present in recruitment to promote a diverse candidate pool and equitable candidate screening.

OFDD Training

  • Search committees contact the OFDD six weeks prior to recruiting for training by senior leadership on diversity metrics and strategies to combat unconscious bias in the search and selection process.


  • Each department has an OFDD liaison responsible for communicating faculty needs and concerns between departmental chairs and the OFDD.


Provost Office and OFDD Recruitment Recommendations

  • Create a diverse search committee 

  • Consider the composition of candidate pools 

  • Look in the right places 

  • Monitor the diversity of search processes 

  • Use proactive recruitment strategies 

  • Consider the concerns of underrepresented recruits 

  • Devote adequate time to evaluation 

  • Avoid premature ranking of candidates 

  • Critically analyze supporting materials (e.g. recommendations, teaching evaluations, research statements) 

  • Be prepared to explain your decisions and be transparent about criteria. Is it the same for all candidates? Is it the right criteria?

Contact the OFDD

  • To schedule an OFDD search committee presentation at an upcoming search committee meeting
  • To discuss diversity in recruitment within your department or division
  • If you are a diverse candidate for a faculty position and would like further information