Stanford Medicine Diversity Initiative

Established in 2014, OFDD’s Stanford Medicine Department Diversity Initiative serves to encourage cross-Department sharing of best practices and to develop actions toward which both Departments and the School of Medicine can partner to achieve quantifiable results.

As part of this initiative, a School of Medicine Diversity Dashboard was created that is updated on an annual basis. Each Department Chair also receives a Department-level dashboard as well, to be reviewed annually with OFDD.

Through needs assessments with leadership in each Stanford Medicine Department, best practices and areas of need were identified across Departments. A sample of these is shown below.

Department Needs Assessment

Department best practices included:

  • Department-run diversity committees
  • Mentoring programs
  • Ensuring diverse recruitment pools
  • Appointing leaders in charge of diversity
  • Work-life programs
  • Annual salary reviews
  • More Department best practices

Department areas of need included:

  • Assistance with searches
  • Funding opportunities
  • Training on appointments and promotions
  • Department communication of goals
  • Increasing Department transparency surrounding diversity
  • Great dissemination of information surrounding career development opportunities for diverse faculty

Upon reviewing annual dashboards, Department Chairs are asked to identify actions that they will take in the upcoming year related to faculty development and diversity. OFDD will work with Departments to achieve these goals.

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For more information on the Stanford Medicine Diversity Initiative:

Comprehensive List of Best Practices

See here for a comprehensive list of Department best practices related to faculty development and diversity.

OFDD Department Liaisons

OFDD Department Liaisons oversee activities promoting faculty diversity and career development in each department. Contact OFDD  today to be put in touch with your Department’s liaison.