Fall 2019

Upcoming Fall Events

LGBTQ+ Faculty Networking Reception

Please join us with special guests Leslee Subak, MD, Chair of OB/GYN and James Lock, MD, PhD, Associate Chair and Professor of Psychiatry and co-Chair of Stanford Medicine's LGBTQ+ Diversity Cabinet Sub-Committee. This event aims to provide a forum for networking opportunities for LGBTQ+ faculty. Monday, September 23, 2019, 5:00-6:30pm in the Bing Dining Room, 3rd floor of Stanford Hospital. Click re for registration.


WISE Inspirations Network at Stanford (WINS) with Gilda Barabino

Please join us with special guest Gilda Barabino, PhD, Professor and Dean of The Grove School of Engineering at the City College of New York. All women graduate students and postdocs in science, engineering, and mathmatics,  and those who support them, are encouraged to attend. Monday, September 30, 2019, 4:30-6:30pm in the Black Community Services Center


Women Faculty Networking: Carla Pugh, MD, PhD

Dr. Pugh is Professor of Surgery and Director of the Technology Enabled Clinical Improvement (T.E.C.I.) Center. Dr. Pugh received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from President Obama in 2011 and is considered to be a lead, international expert on the use of sensors and motion tracking technology for performance measurement. Wednesday,  October 2, 2019 12:00-1:30, Bing Dining Room.


Disability as Part of Diversity In Medical Education: Lisa Meeks

Stanford Medicine Abilities Coalition (SMAC) is sponsoring Lisa Meeks, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Medical School to share her expertise on disability in health care, diversity and inclusion in medicine and how to support our colleagues with disabilities. October 7, 2019, 12:00 in Munzer Auditorium in the Beckman Center. 

Stanford Medicine LGBTQ+ Forum

Join us for Stanford Medicine's Second Annual LGBTQ+ Forum Celebrating Visibility. This forum will feature personal and professional stories from LGBTQ+ members of the Stanford Medicine community, as well as networking opportunities for allies to show support. October 7, 2019, 3:00-6:30pm in Li Ka Shing, Berg Hall.

Women Faculty Networking: Kay Kostopolous and Melissa Jones Briggs

Please join us with special guests Kay Kostopolpus and Melissa Jones Briggs, lecturers at GSB, for a special session  "Acting with Power". Kay and Melissa will explore your personal relationships to power, status and authority, which allow you to navigate nuanced organizational and communication dynamics with increased agility. November 6, 2019, 12:00-1:30 in Li Ka Shing Center, room LK101.

Speaking Up without Freaking Out: Matt Abrahams

GSB Instructor, Matt Abrahams will lead us in this 90-minute workshop on the techniques and best practices for presenters to deal with the fear of forgetting what they intend to say and having their audience forget what they heard so they can effectively deliver presentations audiences remember. November 18, 2019, 12:30-2:00pm, Clark Center, room S360.

The Successful K Award Application: A Reviewers Perspective

Dr. Laure Aurelian will discuss the different award programs, and how to prepare an application that meets reviewers' expectations. She will present the most common misconceptions and provide an overview of the strategies to be used in order to write a competitive proposal. 

Women Faculty Networking Holiday Reception

Please join us with special guests Dean Lloyd Minor and Vice Dean Linda Boxer on December 16, 2019 4:30-6:00 in the Bing Dining Room, New Stanford Hospital.



News and Announcements

Retirement Celebration for Dr. Ronald Garcia
After 45 years at Stanford, Dr. Ronald Garcia, Assistant Dean of Minority Affairs, and Director for the Center of Excellence will be retiring from Stanford University School of Medicine this December 2019. Join us to wish him a fond farewell and to express our heartfelt support and joy for this milestone in his career. Monday, November 18, 2019 in Berg Hall, 5:00-7:00pm. Please RSVP here.

1st Gen Mentors
The 1st Generation Mentorship Program is a community of Stanford Medicine students, faculty, and staff, who are either the first in the family to attend college/graduate/professional school and/or are the first in their families born in the United States. For more information on the mentoring program, including how to become a mentor, click here.

Stanford Science Penpals 
This program gives 6th-12th-grade students from low-income schools access to great science role models. If you are interested in this flexible, low time commitment science outreach opportunity, or, if you would like to be a guest blog post writer for our "My Science Story" series, click here for more information about the programs and how to sign up.

The Stanford Medicine Diversity Website Revamped
Diversity is a core value. Our goal is to draw from people with a variety of backgrounds and life experience to reach a new level of innovation in teaching, research and caring for patients. Please click here to see what is new on the SoM Diversity Website.

The Stanford Medicine +OUTlist and ALLYlist
View and sign-up for Stanford Medicine's  +OUTlist  or ALLYlist, which serve to promote visibility for Stanford Medicine's LGBTQ+ community and foster advancement toward acceptance, belonging, visibility, and inclusivity. 


Faculty Staff Help Center
The Stanford Faculty Staff Help Center offers professional and confidential counseling for individuals, couples and families to address both work and personal issues. Click here for more information.

Office of Science Outreach
The Stanford Office of Science Outreach (OSO) website serves as a portal to help the community discover the hundreds of exciting outreach activities, projects, and programs designed to inform and excite the public about science. Please click here for more information.

Diversity Liaisons
The School of Medicine Clinical Department Chairs have appointed representatives to liaise between the Chairs, members of their specific department and the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity to assist with faculty concerns, ideas and the advancement of excellence at Stanford School of Medicine. To find out who your department liaison is, please click here.

Minority Faculty Networking Luncheons
OFDD hosts lunch with a small group of minority faculty monthly to discuss research and clinical interests, faculty development concerns, and career advice across lines and ranks while providing an opportunity for faculty to get to know each other across different departments and specialties within Stanford. If you are interested in attending a luncheon, contact Kathleen Victor (

Unconscious Bias in Medicine Online Course
OFDD developed this free CME activity which provides education on unconscious bias in the academic medicine workplace. Case studies will explore everyday examples of unconscious bias and provide bias busting strategies to enable learners to understand how to bring the content into their own unique environments. Click here to take the course.

One-On-One Grant Mentoring
OFDD's Senior Advisor for Faculty Development, Dr. Laure Aurelian, offers one-on-one grant mentoring for faculty. Please contact Dr. Laure Aurelian ( directly for more information.

Dr. Irving Kessler, who has conducted epidemiology-based studies for many years is also available to assist faculty members in assuring that their proposals meet the standards of epidemiology in patient selection, study conduct, and outcome determination. Please contact Dr. Kessler (isarke01@stanford.edudirectly for more information.