Setup: 5 Steps

  1. Sync email and cal: Set up your Stanford email and Calendar using these directions.
  2. Sign in to iTunes: Tap the App Store icon on your homescreen. Scroll to the bottom of the App Store home page and tap the Sign In button. Create an iTunes account if needed.
  3. Download iBooks: Using the search box at the upper right corner of your screen, search for the "ibooks" app. Tap the Free button next to iBooks in the iPad Apps section of your results. You may be prompted to enter your itunes password. The app should begin downloading.
  4. Redeem GoodReader code: If you received a redemption code for GoodReader, scroll to the bottom of the App Store "Featured" page and tap the Redeem button.
  5. Connect to Epic (SHC Clinicians): Search for and download the Epic Canto app for iPad. Instructions for configuring the app and registering your iPad with SHC can be found on Stanford Hospital's Epic Mobile access page.

Lane Library

Persistent authentication: To stay logged in to Lane's site and proxy server for two weeks, visit thispage on your iPad and follow the instructions.

Information Literacy (IL): Lane provides support for both learning and teaching information literacy. Resources for teaching IL can be found here.

Getting to Know Your iPad

How to copy and paste on an iPad

iPad User Guide

Apple iPad Guided Tours

**Note that an iPad 2 is required for anything that uses cameras, such as FaceTime and Photo Booth.

Apps to Know or Try

Dropbox: An app for syncing files between computers and mobile devices (Highly Recommended).

GoodReader: Used for reading PDF and MS Office files (EdTech can give you a code for this).

iAnnotate PDF: A reader used by pre-clerkship students. Similar to GoodReader

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