Course Content

For every hour of lecture, students are provided with:

  • PDF-format syllabus with bookmarks for browsing (start of quarter)
  • PDF version of lecture slides (usually before class)
  • 3 downloadable high-quality mp4 lecture videos (camera shot, projected image, and picture-in-picture)

Additional resources:

  • Lane Library provides online calculators, databases, and references
  • CourseWork online course management system contains lab materials, self-tests, online exams, additional study materials
  • online web-based "virtual microscopy" slides related to most lab sessions


CourseWork is the School of Medicine's learning managment system (Sakai). It provides SUNet authentication, automatic roster updates, gradebooks, file storage, a course calendar, forums, chat and section management. Coursework also allows for online assignments like quizzes, tests, problem sets and evaluations. More information can be found here.

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