Master of Science Degree in
Epidemiology and Clinical Research

Electives and Selectives

HRP 206: Meta-research: Appraising Research Findings, Bias, and Meta-analysis (STATS 211)
HRP 209: FDA's Regulation of Health Care (LAW 458) (not given in 2015-16)
HRP 210: Health Law and Policy (LAW 313) (not given in 2015-16)
HRP 212: Cross-cultural Medicine
HRP 214: Scientific Writing
HRP 216: Analytical and Practical Issues in the Conduct of Clinical and Epidemiological Research
HRP 219: Evaluating Technologies for Diagnosis, Prediction, and Screening
HRP 220: Biotechnology Law and Policy (not given in 2015-16)
HRP 222: Advising Congress on Health Policy
HRP 223: Introduction to Data Management and Analysis in SAS
HRP 228: Genetic Epidemiology (not given in 2015-16)
HRP 229: Chronic Disease Epidemiology
HRP 230: Cancer Epidemiology (not given in 2015-16)
HRP 231: Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
HRP 234: Engineering Better Health Systems: modeling for public health
HRP 235: Designing Research-Based Interventions to Solve Global Health Problems (HUMBIO 26, MED 235)
HRP 237: Practical Approaches to Global Health Research (IPS 290, MED 226)
HRP 238: Genes and Environment in Disease Causation: Implications for Medicine and Public Health (HUMBIO 159)
HRP 239: Understanding Statistical Models and their Social Science Applications (EDUC 260x, STATS 209)
HRP 244: Developing Measurement Tools for Health Research
HRP 252: Outcomes Analysis (BIOMED 251)
HRP 253: Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention
HRP 260: Workshop in Biostatistics (STATS 260)
HRP 263: Advanced Decision Science Methods and Modeling in Health (MED 263)
HRP 267: Life Course Epidemiology
HRP 272: The Science of Community Engagement in Health Research (CHPR 227)
HRP 275: Population Health Research
HRP 283
: Health Services Research Core Seminar
HRP 292: Advanced Statistical Methods for Observational Studies
HRP 295: Advanced Topics in epidemiologic and Clinical Research
HRP 299: Directed Reading in Health Services Research
HRP 391: Health Law: Finance and Policy (PUBLPOL 231)
HRP 392: Analysis of Costs, Risks, and Benefits of Health Care (BIOMEDIN 432)
HUMBIO 126: Promoting Health Over the Life Course: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
MED 262: Economics of Health Improvement in Developing Countries (ECON 127)

Any graduate level HRP courses with primary focus on epidemiology or health services content or methods can be taken as electives, if approved by the student's epidemiology advisor.