Epidemiology Research Seminar
(HRP 236)

Winter Quarter 2018

Course Director: Jennifer Lee, MD, PhD
January 9 - March 20, 2018
(Tuesdays 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.)

Li Ka Shing Center for Learning, Room LK120


View the reading material for winter quarter below.

Date Speaker Topic


Michael Baiocchi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine (SPRC), and by courtesy, of Statistics and of Health Research and Policy

Introducing Targeted Error Correct - shoe leather epidemiology in a big data environment (Article)

*Room change LK102*


Elizabeth Fair, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine
UCSF School of Medicine

Balancing Innovation and Impact in Global TB Control


*Room change LK102*


Jeremy Howick, MSc, PhD
Director of the Oxford Empathy Programme
Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences
University of Oxford

Mechanistic research versus clinical observations: which is better at generating medical discoveries? Analysis of the meta-research data (Article) (Article)

*Room change Clark S360*

Directions to Clark S360


Randy Stafford, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine (Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention)

New High Blood Pressure Guidelines and Risk-Based Treatment



Lu Tian, ScD
Associate Professor of Biomedical Data Science, and. by courtesy, of Statistics

Meta analysis with Small Number of Studies (Article)

K.M. Venkat Narayan, MD, MSc, MBA
Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology
Chair of Global Health Department
Director, Emory Global Diabetes Research Center

*co-sponsored with the Asia Health Policy Program and Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center

Global Type 2 Diabetes - More Than What Meets the Eye (Article 1)(Article 2)(Article 3)(Article 4)

Astrid San Martin, DDS
MS Student (Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Stanford University School of Medicine

Amy Dobberfuhl, MD
Instructor, Department of Urology
MS Student (Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Stanford University School of Medicine

Association of Tooth Loss and Sugared Beverages Consumption: Analysis of BRFSS Survey Data (Article)


Urodynamic Factors Associated with Large Capacity Bladder and Elevated Post Void Residual after Prolapse Repair (2009-2015) (Article)


Ann Schwartz, PhD, MPH
Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of California, San Francisco 

Diabetes and Fracture Risk

Yu-Jin Lee
MS Student (Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
MD Student, Scholarly Concentration in Clinical Research
Stanford University School of Medicine

Susan Ziolkowski, MD
MS Student (Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Postdoctoral Medical Fellow, Department of Nephrology
Stanford University School of Medicine

Predicting survival in advanced head and neck cancers




Sarcopenia and Relative Sarcopenia in Chronic Kidney Disease


*Room change MSOBx303*


Allison June Kwong, MD
Postdoctoral Medical Fellow, Gastroenterology
Fellow in Medicine, Gastroenterology & Hepatology
MS Student (Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Stanford University School of Medicine

Danny Lazzareschi
MS Student (Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Medical Student
Stanford University School of Medicine

Sociodemographic Predictors of Patient Migration and Waitlist Outcome for Liver Transplantation in the United States




Diagnostic Applications of Urinary Cell-free DNA in Detecting Bladder Cancer Recurrence

3/20 ~**No Class**~ Finals Week

For further information about HRP 236 Epidemiology Research Seminars, please contact Educational Program Manager Misty Mazzara (mmazzara@stanford.edu).   

Student/Alum Publications and awards

Dec 2017: Congratulations Ph.D. candidate, Stelios Serghiou, for being awarded the David Sackett Young Investigator Award 2017 by the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology for his paper on Field-wide meta-analyses!
"Field-wide meta-analyses of observational associations can map selective availability of risk factors and the impact of model specifications"

Nov 2017: Congrats to recent Ph.D. grad, Andrew Goldstone, on his recent publication with NEJM! Keep up the fantastic work!
"Mechanical or Biologic Prostheses for Aortic-Valve and Mitral-Valve Replacement"

July 2017: Congrats to MD/Ph.D. candidate, Nathan Lo, on his publication!
"Public Health and Economic Consequences of Vaccine Hesitancy for Measles in the United States"

April 2017: Congrats to Ph.D. candidate, Katherine Holsteen, for writing a competitive grant for the Center for Digital Health!

March 2017: Congrats Ph.D. candidate and guest speaker, Nathan Lo, for giving a talk in London for the Gates Neglected Tropical Disease Modeling Consortium meeting. Talk title: "Strengthening guidelines for helminths and NTDs: applications of cost-effectiveness analysis”

February 2017: Congrats Ph.D. candidate, Nathan Lo, for his publication in NEJM
"The Perils of Trumping Science in Global Health — The Mexico City Policy and Beyond"