Recent E&PH Publications

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Every Body Counts: Measuring Mortality From the COVID-19 Pandemic

September 11, 2020. E&PH Instructor Mathew Kiang contributed this study to the Annals of Internal Medicine. "This article discusses the current difficulties of disaster death attribution and describes the strengths and limitations of relying on death counts from death certificates, estimations of indirect deaths, and estimations of excess mortality."

Association of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep With Mortality in Middle-aged and Older Adults

July 6, 2020. Recent PhD graduate from the Epidemiology & Clinical Research program, Eileen Leary, and E&PH faculty member Steve Goodman and colleagues shared this Original Investigation with JAMA Neurology

Festina lente: hydroxychloroquine, covid-19 and the role of the rheumatologist

April 15, 2020. E&PH faculty member Julia Simard and colleagues published their recent research findings in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

US Public Concerns About the COVID-19 Pandemic From Results of a Survey Given via Social Media

April 7, 2020. E&PH faculty members Lori Nelson, Julia Simard, Lisa Goldman Rosas, Melissa Bondy, and Eleni Linos published the findings from their recent social media survey project, assessing public concerns about COVID-19 in JAMA Internal Medicine

Understanding mechanisms of integrated behavioral therapy for co-occurring obesity and depression in primary care: a mediation analysis in the RAINBOW trial

March 23, 2020. E&PH faculty member Lisa Goldman Rosas and colleagues published the results of their most recent research in Translational Behavioral Medicine

Employing Participatory Citizen Science Methods to Promote Age‐Friendly Environments Worldwide

February 27, 2020.  This article, by E&PH faculty Abby King, Lisa Goldman Rosas, and colleagues represents their line of programmatic research related to citizen science aimed at aging adults. It was published today in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health