E&PH Responds to COVID-19

E&PH Faculty "On the Record"

*In chronological order (from newest to oldest)

*Note: these stories are tracked in real time on our @StanfordEpiNews twitter feed. Follow us to stay abreast of Epi COVID-19 News! Also note, this list is not a comprehensive list of all core faculty media appearances during this period, but rather a showcase of department highlights and key moments in the COVID-19 conversation.

September 11, 2020. E&PH Chair Melissa Bondy is featured in this CNN story about Staten Island residents' worries that the defunct Fresh Kills landfill, a forensic site for 9/11 Ground Zero debris that is currently being transformed into a park, is making them sick.

September 9, 2020. With fall approaching, experts stress it's time to shrink your 'quarantine bubble.' Our own Yvonne Maldonado, MD, is one of those experts. 

September 4, 2020. Yvonne Maldonado, MD gives expert advice for people planning to travel in CA state during COVID-19.

September 3, 2020. Yvonne Maldonado talks with NBC about children and their risk of getting COVID-19 and questions parents should consider when evaluating what is best for their kids.

September 3, 2020. Mark Cullen is featured in this San Francisco Chronicle story about how to stay safe while hosting a small gathering during COVID-19. 
San Francisco Chronicle

September 2, 2020. As Stanford epidemiologist Dr. Steven Goodman put it, "“Density is really an enemy in a situation like this.”
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

September 1, 2020. Yvonne Maldonado is quoted in this Mother Jones blog post which answers the important question, Why Are Children of Color Getting COVID-19 at Huge Rates?
Mother Jones

September 1, 2020. Yvonne Maldonado, MD, is featured in this timely and important New York Times story about the unequal burden of COVID-19 on children and families of color.
New York Times