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Epidemiology is the study of factors that cause illness and impairment in human populations. It is the cornerstone of population health and clinical research, informing policy, prevention, disease treatment, and understanding of disease mechanisms. A central focus of epidemiology is to go beyond simple prediction to identifying risk factors likely to be causal, upon which interventions and mechanistic understanding can be reliably based.

The Department of Epidemiology and Population Health (E&PH) is Stanford’s academic and organizational home for such activities, offering expertise, research, and training on study design, data collection, analysis and proper interpretation of scientific evidence to improve human health in the clinic and in the field.

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In the Spotlight

We have released a new E&PH Spotlight Interview with Research Program Director, Georgina Armstrong! Click on the link below to read about her work on participant recruitment in the field during Hurricane Harvey and for the Bondy Lab’s Gliogene Project.

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In the Spotlight

We have released a new E&PH Spotlight Interview with Executive Director of Finance and Administration, Martha Kessler! Click on the link below to read about her work with Stanford Pet Partners, a program that hosts biweekly virtual dog therapy sessions to provide people and dogs with much-needed support during the pandemic. 

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Access Winter 2021 Courses

  • EPI 206: Meta-research: Appraising Research Findings, Bias, and Meta-analysis
  • EPI 214: Scientific Writing
  • EPI 219: Evaluating Technologies for Diagnosis, Prediction and Screening
  • EPI 224: Genetic Epidemiology
  • EPI 226: Intermediate Epidemiologic and Clinical Research Methods
  • EPI 229: Stanford CTSA Scholars Seminar
  • EPI 231: Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
  • EPI 236: Epidemiology Research Seminar
  • EPI 237: Practical Approaches to Global Health Research (INTLPOL 290, MED 226)
  • EPI 238: Genes and Environment in Disease Causation: Implications for Medicine and Public Health 
  • EPI 239: Applications of Causal Inference Methods
  • EPI 244: Developing Measurement Tools for Health Research
  • EPI 250: Understanding Evidence-Based Medicine: Hands-on experience 
  • EPI 261: Intermediate Biostatistics: Analysis of Discrete Data 
  • EPI 263: Social Epidemiology
  • EPI 273: Essentials of Clinical Research at Stanford