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Congratulations to the 2009 Spirit Award recipients


Spirit Award

Katie Allen

Administrative Associate

Surgery, Division of Multi-Organ Transplantation

Mary Allen

Katie Allen is the recipient of this year’s non-exempt SPIRIT Award in the School of Medicine. Katie has been in the Division of Multi-organ Transplantation for the past 15 years, providing support to the faculty and helping to facilitate complex medical care to Transplant patients. Katie has been described as the “true unsung hero” of the program and receives constant praise from faculty, colleagues and patients for her professionalism, compassion and steadfast dedication and commitment to the program. As one transplant physician noted, Katie is a great ambassador for Stanford. Others state that Katie’s professionalism is “superlative as well as her positive attitude”, and “she is very well informed regarding the administrative, academic and practice components of day-to-day activities and keeps all of these components in the air with incredible efficiency and poise.” Katie has the respect and admiration of our surgeons and staff, “helping to build the fantastic multi-organ transplant program that we have”. Colleagues agree Katie is truly very deserving of the SPIRIT award.

Jeff Melton

Information Systems Manager

Department of Medicine, Stanford Prevention Research Center

Jeff Melton

Jeff joined the Stanford Prevention Research Center in the Department of Medicine 5 1/2 years ago and quickly became the on-site expert, servicing the Center's computing needs in a proactive way. Faculty, staff and students cite Jeff's technical expertise coupled with his positive attitude as an excellent combination that helps make the Center a great place to work. Since computers are used in almost every facet of our work, Jeff comes in contact with everyone working in the Center and many of his "customers" have commented on Jeff's ability to solve computing problems in an effective, enthusiastic and professional way. He is highly motivated to do his work well and to support his clients, earning the admiration of faculty, staff, and students who unanimously attest to his dedication, enthusiasm, strong customer support and positive attitude. Jeff is known to go the extra mile, taking initiative, anticipating and solving problems, always in his friendly and positive way. Jeff is a pleasure to work with and perfectly embodies the qualities the SPIRIT award acknowledges.

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