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The School of Medicine Emeritus Lecture Program celebrates the extraordinary research and training accomplishments of the school's faculty as they achieve emeritus status.

Jointly sponsored by the school's departments and the Dean's Office, the program recognizes the contributions of these world-class scholars, both at the school and globally, through a combined public talk and reception. Open to the campus community, these events provide a unique opportunity for retiring faculty to reflect publicly on their life's work and to share some of their accumulated wisdom.

My Career in Transplantation with a Tribute to Extraordinary Mentors

Oscar Salvatierra Jr., MD
>Academic Profile
>Life in Science: Q&A with Oscar Salvatierra
This presentation, sponsored by the Division of Transplantation, occurred Thursday, November 30, 2006 in the Clark Center Auditorium

Past Lectures

Switching Cell Polarity, and Regulating Gene Expression to Build an Organ
by Dale Kaiser, PhD
Nov. 9, 2005

9th Annual Kuffler Lecture and the Inaugural School of Medicine Emeritus Lecture
by Eric Shooter, PhD
May 26, 2005


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