Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program

Developing a Diagnostic Algorithm: A Clinical Approach

Drawing on psychological and behavioral data from his patients, we are currently taking a clinical approach to the issue of comorbidities in anxiety and mood disorders by developing an algorithm for psychiatric diagnosis. This algorithm will integrate biomarkers and symptoms, and offer a precise diagnosis that would help clinicians provide the most effective treatments to their patients. Algorithms are used in other fields of medicine to facilitate accurate diagnosis.

By developing this diagnostic tool for use with anxiety patients, ELSPAP will not only help children treated in Packard’s anxiety clinic, but also children everywhere who may have limited access to mental health care. This diagnostic tool has the potential to clarify the relationship between anxiety and mood by enabling researchers and clinicians to develop a more precise nomenclature for psychiatric disorders. By increasing diagnostic precision, this study will help reduce the number of comorbidities and multiple diagnoses, thereby ensuring that more children receive the most effective treatment possible. 

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