Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program

Developmental Trauma Special Interest Group

The Stanford Developmental Trauma Special Interest Group (DTSIG) was launched in 2012, by Dr. Victor Carrion, to bring together the network of professionals working in the fields of Child and Adolescent Trauma in association with Stanford's Early Life Stress Research and Pediatric Anxiety Program. 

Participants include individuals at all levels of training and academic practice. Semi-monthly gatherings are forums to learn from each other, brainstorm with each other, help evolve the field together, share and discuss research, and learn about each others' current and prospective work.

Topics range from innovative brain imaging techniques to therapeutic approaches and community outreach and training.

DTSIG Sessions take place the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month from 12-1 pm at 401 Quarry, Room 3200.

In 2013, we had 23 DTSIG sessions with 28 different Presenters/Discussion Leaders.  Thanks again, to all of the presenters and discussion participants.

2014 features another line up of compelling speakers and valuable interactions. Here’s what’s scheduled so far:

Date Topic
6/23 Max Wintermark, MD, MAS, MBA, "Developments in Neuroradiology and Prospective Implications for Clinical Diagnoses of Mental Health Disorders"
6/9 Jorge Miases, "Statistical Analysis and Tools for Research Studies"
5/12 Sanno Zack, PhD, Alex Basile, "Outcome Measures"
4/28 Marianna Klebanov, JD, "Parenting and its Effect on Human Behavior and Society: Current Research and Legal Issues"
4/14 Megan Kelly, MS, "ACT Group Intervention Study for Adolescent Girls with Anxiety and Perfectionism"
3/24 David Speigel, MD, "Disassociation and Trauma in DSM-5"
3/10 Hilit Kletter, PhD, "Cue Centered Therapy (CCT) Status Updates: Manual, Training and New Trial"
2/24 John Stirling, MD, "Toolkit for Pediatricians to Help Recognize and Handle Trauma in Youth"
2/10 Ryan Matlow, PhD, "Making a Case for Trauma-Working with the International Criminal Court"
1/27 Ning Liu, PhD and Alex Basile, "Update on fNIRS"
1/13 John Rettger, PhD, "Mindfulness and Professional Wellness for the New Year"
12/9 Travis Bradley, MPP, "ELSPAP Health & Wellness Curriculum for Ravenswood Schools"
11/11 Christina Khan, PhD, "Mindfulness and Movement for School Girls to Increase Resilience"
11/4 Lynn Waelde, PhD, and colleagues from the Philippines, "National plan for disaster mental health response"
10/28 Veronica Alvarez, MA, "Projects site work at JobTrain and Aspire/Epacs"
10/14 Helen Wilson, PhD, "Longitudinal study on girls, data on biological stress response at APA"
9/23 Harise Stein, MD, "Human Trafficking"
9/9 Laura Roberts, MD, "Ethics for working with traumatized individuals"
8/26 Amit Etkin, MD, "Does the brain agree with DSM?"
8/12 Laurie Leventhal-Belfer, PhD, "Journey traveled by parents of children on the Autistic Spectrum"
7/15 Special DTSIG Session with Judith Cohen, MD, "Trauma Focused CBT." *This Special DTSIG will be the only one held in July and will be in Room 1206
6/24 Suzanne Walker, "Addressing Chronic Stress and Trauma: A multidisciplinary, community-based partnership in San Francisco"
6/10 Jeff Lazarus, MD, "Pediatrics and Hypnotism"
5/13 Keith Perry, Stanford’s Emergency Preparedness Team, along with Mental Health Emergency Coordinator from Vaden
4/22 Cheryl Coopman, PhD, "Cancer, HIV and Trauma"
4/8 Sanno Zack, PhD and Karen Bos, MD, "Assessment research conducted through the Clinic"
3/25 Rhonda Gessow, Mediator, San Mateo Juvenile System
3/11 Richard Shaw, MD, "ICU and Parents"
2/25 Nick Bott, PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium "Associations between time since most recent trauma, intellectual functioning, and memory performance"
2/11 Simona Zompi, MD, PhD, Center for Youth Wellness Director of Research Trauma and Immunology
1/28 Rebecca Rialon, PhD, John Rettger, PhD and Suzanna Chan, "Introduction to new The Early Life Stress Research and Pediatric Anxiety Program Website"
1/14 Mary Sanders, MD, "Journals as an adjunct to treatment"
12/10 Steve Adelsheim, MD, "Models of prodrome/first episode programs"
11/26 Ruth O'Hara, PhD, "Managing a Multi Site Program"
11/12 John Rettger, PhD, "Mindfulness x 4: Theory - Research - Practice - Application"
10/08 Amy Garret, PhD, "Comparing Brain Function in Pediatric PTSD versus MDD"
9/24 Claire Selinger, MD, "Complicated Grief: Focus on Children"
9/10 Melina Salvador, "Community Engaged Research, Home Visiting and parental education Initiative, as prevention for abuse and neglect"
8/27 Marina Post, "Break dancing as an intervention for inner-city youth"
8/19 Moriah E. Thomason, PhD, Visiting Professor from Wayne State University, "Altered Amygdala Connectivity in Youth Exposed to Trauma-Informal Presentation and Discussion"
8/13 Jessica Nagel, Sarah Samuelson, Elizabeth Solomon and Stephanie Lopez, "TF-CBT"
7/23 Rebecca Berry, PhD, "Research Opportunities from EPA Community Outreach Project"
7/09 Michael Fu and Julia Chandler, Mindfulness Program for Elementary Students in EPA, "Mentee Session"
6/25 Karen Bos, MD/MPH, Ning Liu, PhD, "Intro to fNIRs"
6/11 Michelle Primeau, MD,  "Pediatric Sleep Disorders and PTSD"
5/28 Kathy Shear, MD, "Complicated Grief"
5/14 "Analyzing Structural MRI Data In Children with PTSS Versus Controls", Presentation by Megan Klabunde, PhD, Postdoctoral Research fellow in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University
4/30 "Guilt and Shame after Trauma", Presentation by Elizabeth Solomon, PsyD. student in the PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium
4/02 "Optogenetic Induction of Hyperarousal", Presentation by Luis de Lecea
3/19 "Caregiver Distress On Youth Symptoms", Presentation by Shane Wong
3/05 "Resiliency", Presentaton by Ellen Stirling
2/19 "Verbal Abilities and Executive Function", Presentation by Nick Bott, PsyD. student in the PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium
2/05 Journal article discussion: "Early Stress Evokes Age-Dependent Biphasic Changes in Hippocampal Neurogenesis, Bdnf Expression, and Cognition", Discussion leader: Jeon Small, PhD
1/22 Jarrad Aguirre and Rachel Talley presentation on their AACAP posters on "Integrated Behavioral Health Services and Cost Effectiveness"

Questions? Suggestions?  Email addresses for people to invite to DTSIG sessions? Contact Susan Mirbach-ELSRPAP Special Projects & Outreach Coordinator, susan@mirbach.com.

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