Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program

Biofeedback Program

Thoughts and behaviors are not only affected by anxiety and stress, the body is too!! The Stanford Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program recognizes that the body plays an important role in your child’s experience of anxiety.  In order to address the body in therapy, we are implementing biofeedback as a treatment option for our patients.  During our biofeedback protocol, children and teens are taught to recognize how his or her body reacts to anxious thoughts or environmental cues by watching his or her heart and breathing rates, hand temperatures and skin conductance signals on a computer monitor.  Your child or teen will learn to change these body signals, therefore gaining a better understanding to how the body responds to stress.  At Stanford, we can integrate biofeedback into your child’s talk and play therapy sessions!

If you are interested in our biofeedback program, or if you want more information, please talk to the Stanford Child Psychiatry Intake coordinator at (650) 723-5511 or your current ELSPAP therapist.


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