Research, Internships, and Fellowships

ELSPAP welcomes students, trainees, and national and international colleagues to join us for research and service internships. Past internship experiences have led to exciting opportunities for training and co-learning. Research interns have the opportunity to be involved in ELSPAP projects, attend ELSPAP lectures, and work with ELSPAP partners and collaborators; additional educational and training experiences are also offered on an individual basis. Research internship opportunities are based on program need and timing.

If you are interested in participating in a research internship with ELSPAP, please complete our application.

Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowships in Clinical Psychiatry and Psychology

This clinical research training program funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (T32MH019938: A Biobehavioral Research Training Program) is designed for those who plan to pursue careers in clinical research with a specialization in adult disorders including mood, anxiety, eating disorders, and related areas such as insomnia. These are two-year positions contingent upon funding. The aim of this program is to help clinically trained MD and PhD fellows develop skills and experience in research to enable their own investigative careers.  Research in the program is conducted under the direction of faculty mentors. The core aspect of the program is the mentoring relationship that will eventually enable an independent program of research. The training program offers didactic courses to promote research and professional development.