Education and Training

ELSPAP Seminars

The Krelitz Memorial ELSPAP Team Talks provide our colleagues with opportunities to learn about current research and practice information on topics related to our areas of research. The team talks are addressed in three segments: 1)Positive Psychology, 2) Developmental Trauma, and 3) Mindfulness. Please join Victor Carrion, MD, Elizabeth Reichert, PhD and the ELSPAP clinic and research lab for our weekly seminars. Lunch is provided. 

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Krelitz Memorial ELSPAP Team Talks

Research, Internships, and Fellowships

ELSPAP welcomes students, trainees, and national and international colleagues to join us for research and service internships. Past internship experiences have led to exciting opportunities for training and co-learning. Research interns have the opportunity to be involved in ELSPAP projects, attend ELSPAP lectures, and work with ELSPAP partners and collaborators; additional educational and training experiences are also offered on an individual basis. Research internship opportunities are based on program need and timing.

If you are interested in participating in a research internship with ELSPAP, please complete our application.

Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowships in Clinical Psychiatry and Psychology

Mindfulness Program

The Mindfulness Programs delivers innovative and evidence-based trainings focused on mindfulness, yoga, and compassion that are holistic, culturally responsive, and trauma-sensitive. We train in the community, at schools, non-profits, conferences, and on campus. Our audience includes researchers, educators, clinicians, school administrators, physicians, non-profit staff members, and community members. Our program brings the values of love, care, acceptance, compassion, community and wisdom to those we train and collaborate with. We value community engagement, listening and learning from our partners. We aim to create a more kind and caring society that embraces each other and the planet.  

Mindfulness Values We Aim to Embody

Our program strives to support our partners with wellness initiatives to incorporate best practices of mindfulness and yoga. We believe the inclusion of wellness strategies in schools and organization creates more happiness, vitality, curiosity, and inspiration for all members of the community.


To learn more about daily practices, please visit Dr. Rettger's Mindfulness Blog >>