Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program

Community Education and Partnerships

Ravenswood Family Health Center (RFHC) - Boys and Girls Club Initiative

The Integrated Behavioral Health Program (IBHP) of the Ravenswood Family Health Center in East Palo Alto has launched efforts to develop an outreach program with the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP).  This Club provides services to 1,100 youth in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Redwood City.  Dr. Carrion directs the pediatric mental health efforts at IBHP. 

Center for Youth Wellness – Bayview, San Francisco

The Center for Youth Wellness (CYW) is an innovative, public-private initiative working to provide a full spectrum of services under one roof for San Francisco’s most vulnerable children. The CYW provides best-in-class multidisciplinary support, interventions, and wellness services. This multi-institution partnership has secured a facility at 3450 Third Street in San Francisco and anticipates completing construction in late 2013. Dr. Carrion is a founding member and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

The goal of the Center is to apply an innovative model of care that:

Partnership between the Stanford Early Life Stress Research Program and the Ravenswood City School District

The Ravenswood City School District (RCSD) is joining efforts with ELSPAP to develop a partnership that will allow for the development of scientifically-informed, school-based mental health services. RCSD serves approximately 3,508 students per year and their current counseling resources are critically scarce. Due to the significant impact of lack of resources, education and exposure to violence on many of the District’s families, it is a high priority for RCSD to teach social skills and to address the social behavioral needs of students.  Two main activities toward this goal involve the implementation of an evidence-based approach called Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and increasing the number of counselors in the District. 

Cue-Centered Treatment Protocol Dissemination

Dr. Carrion and ELSPAP have developed a treatment protocol for youth exposed to traumatic stress that has shown efficacy in decreasing anxiety and posttraumatic symptoms in youth and their caretakers.  The Stanford Cue-Centered Treatment protocol, or CCT, anchors on the fact that neutral reminders of the traumatic event(s) can produce behaviors, cognitions and emotions that under the current non-threatening scenario become maladaptive.

Tipping Point Mental Health Initiative

The Tipping Point Community Mental Health Initiative began in 2013 through collaboration between Drs. Victor Carrion and Daryn Reicherter at Stanford University School of Medicine and the Tipping Point organization. The initial goals of the project included determining the mental health needs of two Tipping Point-sponsored sites in East Palo Alto and Menlo Park. This needs assessment involved the administration of self-report measures, and the facilitation of focus groups, held with administrators, staff, teachers and parents, where applicable.  As a result of these efforts, Tipping Point sponsored the placement of a mental health practitioner at each of the respective sites. Future goals of this project include identifying the mental health needs of other community–based populations, and determining appropriate resources for providing consultation and liaison services to these individuals.

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