Precision Health in Education

Precision Health is shaping health education so that future health providers build expertise and the mindset needed to realize precision prevention, precision diagnostics and precision treatment.

Training the Next Generation

We are preparing the next generation to deliver personalized medicine by evaluating each patient in a wider context, to recognize  genetic and environmental factors that enhance tailored medical care and prevention.

Precision Health in Education is also about training researchers to think in terms of Precision Health care and prevention, how to interpret and deploy new forms of data, and build the skills and mastery that will propel data science forward.

An early example of Precision Health in Education is Presence, an initiative that aims to reconnect physicians and patients by engaging colleagues in every discipline from comparative literature to environmental engineering.

Presence, which champions the human experience in medicine, was designed by Abraham Verghese, MD, an infectious disease specialist and renowned advocate for the value of the bedside exam and physical diagnosis.

Degree Programs

MD Curriculum

The call we answer at Stanford Medicine is to elevate health in our own community and across the globe—and this requires outstanding scientists and physicians. 

PhD Programs

Stanford-trained scientists are empowered to become leaders in science and in the vital roles that science plays in advancing the intellectual and physical health of society.

Master’s Programs

We continue to expand opportunities for students to advance their training and pursue more in-depth study.

The Stanford Medicine 25

The “Stanford Medicine 25" initiative promotes a culture of bedside medicine and emphasizes physical exam skills that are fundamental for clinicians to connect with their patients.

In addition to live sessions on campus for medicine residents and medical students, the Stanford Medicine 25 enjoys a worldwide audience through the Stanford 25 online resources. They also host an annual symposium for clinical educators. 

Residents and Clinical Fellows

We sponsor more than 95 residency and fellowship programs with trainees from the top medical schools.