LockDown Browser for Students

LockDown Browser is a locked browser for taking exams and quizzes in Canvas. It prevents you from printing, copying, going to an unauthorized URL, or accessing other applications during a quiz. If a Canvas quiz requires that LockDown Browser be used, you will not be able to take the quiz with a standard web browser. LockDown Browser should only be used for taking Canvas quizzes. It should not be used in other areas of Canvas. View more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuX8WoeAycs

Installing LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser must be installed to each computer (Windows or Mac) being used to take a test. If LockDown Browser has already been installed, skip the the next section "Taking an Exam".

    To install LockDown Browser on your computer:

Taking an exam or quiz:

  1. Close all programs.
  2. Launch LockDown Browser.
    a. Mac users: Launch "LockDown Browser" from the applications folder.
    b. Windows users: Locate the "LockDown Browser" shortcut from the desktop and double-click it.
  3. If prompted to close a blocked program (e.g. screen capture, instant messaging), choose Yes when prompted.
  4. On the "Choose a Server" screen choose "Connect to: Stanford Medicine".
  5. Login to your Canvas course.
  6. Navigate to the quiz and select the "Take a Quiz" link.
  7. Once a quiz has been started with LockDown Browser, you cannot exit until the "Submit Answers" button in clicked.


If you have problems downloading or installing Respondus LockDown Browser, email medcanvas@stanford.edu.

If you have problems taking an exam using Respondus LockDown Browser, notify your instructor or call 650-724-7370.