Portfolio of Projects

Digital MEdIC

EdTech is a key participant of the Digital MEdIC (Digital Medical Education International Collaborative) iniative.  The vision of Digital MEdIC is to improve global health outcomes by increasing access to medical education and building human capacity.  EdTech contibutes our expertise in project management, instructional design, systems evaluation and implementation, and content production.

RWJF Microbiology, Immunology & Infectious Diseases

This course was created collaboratively between Stanford, UW, Duke, UCSF, and University of Michigan and made possible by support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  It consists of 200 short (>10 minute) videos organized into 30 content modules with facilitator guides, all publicly available.

Nutrition Education

A practical approach to supporting healthy eating for a variety of audiences.  This project is an exemplar of how online materials can be re-purposed.  Versions of this course exist for the public, for medical students and for continuing medical education (linked here).


The Stanford Interactive Learning Initiative (SMILI) was the school's landmark investment in bringing more active learning into the classroom.  Staff and systems were brought to bear in support of faculty transforming their traditional lecture courses.


EdTech's GoHD intiative took the mystery out of the new high definition projection technology. Every display in the LKSC is High Definition 1080P (Full HD), and during the building opening, the EdTech team prepared materials to help instructors make the most of the new display technology.