About Us

The Educational Technology (EdTech) team applies technology solutions that facilitate a positive learning experience for students, and empowers faculty to integrate high-quality, efficient, and effective teaching. Our vision is to transform Stanford Medicine by acting as a catalyst for the adoption of evidence-based, emerging, and engaging educational technology solutions, and to be a leader in the academic community by sharing our best practices.

Meet our team

Work culture

We are comprised of dreamers, inventors, futurists. Innovation is the name of our game. Innovation is never achieved in a vacuum. It requires a fun-loving, often goofy work environment that fosters healthy collaboration and forward-thinking attitudes. No high-quality product has ever been created without the magic ingredient of fun, so we will use every opportunity to share with our collaborators the joy of building and creating.


Mark Trenchard


Mark is a technology leader with experience at Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Universal Studios, executive consulting, higher education and startups. Mark holds a MBA with emphasis in technology and finance the University of Southern California.  As the Director of Academic and Instructional Technology at Stanford Medicine, Mark leads and evangelizes the adoption and integration of technology to enable digital collaboration, education, and communication across enterprise.

Kim Walker

Manager of Instructional Design & Production

Ingenuity becomes the norm when you collaborate with individuals who are creative, risky, conscientious, ethical, and FUN. The years of experience in medical education and instructional design allows Kim to hone in on her true passion - people and learning - through her work at Stanford.

She is fearsome!

Pauline Becker

Senior Project Manager

After 22 years in the Stanford academic and professional community, Pauline specializes in process management, connecting teams, customer service, compliance and implementing solutions to support teaching and learning.

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Erfan Mojaddam

Manager of Academic Technology & Innovation

With a background in engineering, technology and education, Erfan’s goal is to advance the quality of medical education using interactive technology and innovative methods. He has worked with students and faculty from preschool to higher-ed on educational reform using inventive solutions, and is always looking forward to the next challenge.

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Team Members

Peter Nguyen

Learning Innovation Specialist

A computational biologist by training, educator by trade, and low-key techie by proxy, Peter channels all his passions into innovating the landscape of biomedical education, as we know it. An escape room enthusiast, he is eager to solve any puzzling challenges that come his way, but not without the help of his team, as he believes collaboration is key. Oh, and he works with the coolest team.

You aren't moose.  I am moose.

Britt Carr

Academic Technology Specialist

For over 20 years, Britt has been helping faculty integrate new technologies into their courses. Whether it is transitioning to a new learning managment system, simulating environments or gamifying course content, Britt strives to make learning more engaging and meaningful.

William Bottini

Creative Director

Artist, designer, filmmaker, and weird boy working between design and filmmaking, cinematography and consulting at the Stanford School of Medicine. Before working with the Stanford School of Medicine, he founded and led the video production arm of Grokker Inc., a wellness-oriented instructional video platform.

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Andrew Baek

Digital Media Specialist

Cineaste, cinephile, cynophile. Arguably the nerdiest film buff you can find offscreen, Andrew incorporates his love for the visual medium into his work at the Stanford School of Medicine, oscillating between various roles -- instructional designer, content writer, media producer -- and constantly anticipating the next big challenge.

Selfie time!

Lauren Watley

Digital Media Assistant

Resident multi-tasker and cat lady, Lauren provides the office with laughter as well as production support as an editor and illustrator. At Stanford School of Medicine, she is thrilled to continue to perfect her creative prowess and assist a great team of innovators and thinkers.

Stop looking at me!

Deila Bumgardner

Instructional Designer

 Deila is an instructional designer, graphic designer and video editor. Prior to working at Stanford she taught film and broadcast journalism at Presentation High School and worked as instructional designer for UCSF's Clinical and Translational Science Institute and Apple.


My hand-made binocular.

Huy Tran

Digital Media Specialist

A graduate of San Jose State University with a BFA in Animation & Illustration, Huy aims to push the boundaries of innovation to the next level in EdTech’s production work. As a result of his passions for video games and new technologies, he specializes in a wide variety of invaluable skill sets, including motion graphics, 3D modeling, and animation.

I believe I can fly...

Jessica Whittemore

Digital Learning Project Manager

Jessica combines a passion for science education, art, and learning new things, with an obsession with organization and details. She uses her background in Environmental Justice to support the Stanford School of Medicine’s continued efforts to deliver excellent digital content that improves health disparity outcomes.