We are always looking for talented and highly motivated individuals to join our team. Please check regularly for new posts and email Dr. Alfredo Dubra for any questions regarding the jobs below.

LabView FPGA Programming 

We are seeking candidates at undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral level to work full-time or part-time (>15 hours/week) on advanced eye tracking and real-time eye motion stabilization. The key skills for this project are proficiency in C++, FPGA, Labview FPGA and general LabView programming. Basic knowledge of control theory and Kalman filters is highly desirable but not essential.

Structured Illumination

We are seeking candidates at graduate or post-doctoral level to work full-time on the development of a novel adaptive optics ophthalmoscope. Expertise in structured illumination microscopy as well as a strong mathematical background are required for this project. Experience with scanning optical instruments, hardware synchronization and programming (Python, Matlab, C++) are also desirable.


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