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Testimonials from Past Faculty Fellows Program Participants

Tim Angelotti, MD, PhDTim Angelotti, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Anesthesia

2008 Faculty Fellows Participant

As a mid-level faculty member at Stanford, I had noticed that opportunities to meet others outside of a purely clinical setting were limited.  However, my participation in the SOM Faculty Fellows Program allowed me to make those connections, and so much more.  The chance to take time to talk with others about their work, their career goals, and their hopes and concerns allowed me to reassess where I was in my career trajectory.  One of the more important aspects of Dr. Valantine’s program was the Leadership Lectures by various members of the Stanford Academic Community.  After hearing everyone from the Dean to the President to the Provost (amongst others) describe their leadership styles, I realized that we all have an innate ability to lead (or we wouldn’t have gotten so far in our careers), but sometimes we get in the way of ourselves. 

Dean Valantine and Julie Moseley have created a program where we learned to assess our own strengths and weaknesses, as people and leaders.  More importantly, Julie helped me to see how my self view compared with how others saw me.  That interaction did more for me and my career than a decade of counseling could have accomplished.  I left the program stronger in so many ways, with a better view toward my future in academic medicine.  Lastly, I wish to thank Dr. Steve Galli for being a faculty mentor. back to top icon

Julieta Gabiola, MDJulieta Gabiola, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Medicine

2008 Faculty Fellows Participant

I loved my year in the Faculty Fellows Leadership Program. My time in the program enhanced my leadership skills and was an unparalleled networking opportunity; it was an eye-opening experience, as I learned up close about the demands and rewards of being a Stanford faculty. I also learned a great deal about teamwork, and how to navigate the challenging academic ladder at Stanford. But more than that, my time in the program was truly inspirational. Being exposed to the successes, career paths, and challenges of such accomplished colleagues provided a clearer road map for my own future, inspiring me to commit myself to my own work with renewed enthusiasm. Hats off to the staff for creating this wonderful opportunity!back to top icon

Joe Liao, MDJoe Liao, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Urology

2008 Faculty Fellows Participant

The Faculty Fellows Leadership Program has been a highlight of my experience as a junior faculty at Stanford.  Dr. Valantine and her staff deserve much credit in puting together a superb fellowship experience.  We learned about the career journey from a distinguished group of Stanford leaders.  I especially enjoyed the small group experience where I got to actively engage with my mentor and other junior faculty colleagues.  Learning to recognize my individual strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots have enable me to be a more effective person.  I deeply appreciate the opportunity and would recommend the program highly!back to top icon

Daya Upadhyay, MDDaya Upadhyay, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of
Medicine - Pulmonary and Critical Care
2008 Faculty Fellows Participant

Are leaders born or made?  Some individuals are certainly born with more leadership traits than others.  However, the charisma that enables a natural born leader to become a true leader requires mentors and sculpturists, who can nurture and mold them into a leadership role.  This is a principal goal of The Faculty Fellows Program that has several leaders with invested interest in stimulating and developing leadership skills.  The Faculty Fellows Program gave us a critical understanding of the fundamental principles and skills in leadership ethics, communication, social entrepreneurship, resources, research and clinical administration, at the level of University and the School of Medicine.   Most importantly, this program offered me a truly multi-faceted and well orchestrated opportunity to visualize the diversity in these individuals, and their transformation and journey into faculty leaders. In addition, it widened my collegial network within and beyond the participating faculty fellows.

Of note, the stories of leaders within the University and inclusion of the Google leadership was not only fascinating but also gave us an opportunity to understand the differences between academia and corporate culture.  Monthly dinner meetings, small group meetings and situational analyses facilitated our vision and potential to communicate and enhance common goals.  

The investment and efforts of all faculty leaders are truly admirable.  Particularly, Dr. Valantine, Dr. Lane, Dr. Salvatierra and Dr. Boxer provided an in-depth insight on infrastructure that can maximize our potential and vision in diversity and a leadership role.  In brief, the Faculty Fellows Program provided excellent gears that are critically essential for developing a better academic environment.back to top icon

LaVera Crawley, Md, MPHLaVera M. Crawley, MD MPH
Assistant Professor (Research)
Department of Pediatrics
2007 Faculty Fellows Participant

The Faculty Fellows program provided an invaluable opportunity for me to bond with Stanford University and to develop a deep loyalty to the Institution.  By sending me a message, loud and clear, that I was a valued member of the community and by providing me with tools to develop my leadership skills and competencies, the Program instilled in me the confidence that I can succeed and thrive in the School of Medicine. 

The value of the Program became most apparent to me recently when I was approached by individuals from a competing University who strongly encouraged me to apply for a faculty position for which I was considered their top candidate.  Bear in mind that this was an Institution where I had prior connections and had once considered it an ideal place for my academic growth.  Upon receiving the invitation to apply, I took a serious inventory of where I was in my career and what I wanted.  What became clear was that I wanted to be in an Institution that believed in me and that could offer me unequivocal evidence of support, not just at the Department level (which is critical) but also at the level of the Dean's Office. In short, I realized that the messages I received and experiences that have resulted from my participation in the Faculty Fellows Program confirmed that I was already in that ideal place.  I came to the conclusion that it would be unethical to consider applying elsewhere, given that I have no intention of leaving Stanford, and thus I politely declined the offer to submit an application.  This is direct evidence that the Faculty Fellows Program has had a positive effect on faculty retention, at least for this faculty member.back to top icon

Sanjeev Dutta, MDSanjeev Dutta, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Surgery, Pediatric Surgery
2008 Faculty Fellows Participant

The Faculty Fellows Program provided an outstanding opportunity to network, and to understand the School of Medicine's vision for leadership. Interactions with prominent institutional leaders allowed me to understand their "journey" to their current positions.  Most importantly, I learned that a person can practice leadership long before they are assigned a leadership role.  I learned that a leader is defined by their ability to influence others through positive action, not coercion, through their ability to inspire, not their authority.  A leader enables others to maximize their potential, envisions and communicates a common goal, and promotes better ideas.  Becoming a leader is a transformation from a world centered on “self” to a world centered on “others”.  Every faculty member can develop these attributes, and the Faculty Fellows Program provided an excellent catalyst. Time well spent!! back to top icon

Rebecca Fahrig, PhDRebecca Fahrig, PhD
Associate Professor (Research)
Department of Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology
2008 Faculty Fellows Participant

"The SOM Faculty Fellows program was incredibly valuable to me on many levels. First, it gave me an enhanced understanding of the structure of the SOM, and of how the SOM works with both the University and the Hospital. This broader context was then fed into an excercise that helped me to think about and plan the next phase of my research program, through discussions with my Chair, and with additional insights provided by Julie Mosely. Finally (and not least!) I got to know a wonderfully diverse and interesting group of people through the leadership dinner presentations and especially the mentor-led breakfast meetings, which provided new insights into leadership styles and career options."back to top icon

Christina Kong, MDChristina Kong, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
2008 Faculty Fellows Participant

The Faculty Fellows program provided a great opportunity for meeting and building relationships with colleagues throughout the medical school.  The monthly dinners featured leaders from both within and outside the University who shared their life stories and views on leadership.  It was especially helpful to hear how many of the speakers dealt with set-backs and challenges, both professional and personal.  In addition, the session with Julie Moseley and the LIFO survey provided valuable insight into different leadership styles.back to top icon

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