Task Forces

Diversity and Societal Citizenship Task Force

In 2015, the Dean’s Task Force on Diversity and Societal Citizenship (DSC) was convened to provide recommendations to the Stanford University School of Medicine Dean, Senior Associate Deans, and Diversity Cabinet on advancing diversity within the School, and on educating our students and trainees in societal citizenship. The charge followed what was a string of deeply distressing events, nationwide, involving the ending of Black lives by law enforcement.

Task Force Members

Terrance Mayes, co-Chair
Formerly at Stanford

Fernando Mendoza, co-Chair
Associate Dean of Minority Advising and Programs and Professor of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics) At The Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital

Duaa Al-rawi
MD Candidate 

Leandra Barnes
MD Candidate, Scholarly Concentration in Bioengineering

Cecil Benitez
MD Candidate

Carmel Bogle
Pediatric Cardiology, Lucile Packard Children's Hosp

Ray Deng
MD Candidate


Iris Gibbs
Professor of Radiation Oncology (Radiation Therapy) at The Stanford University Medical Center

Cindy Irvine
Associate Dean, Office of Medical Education, School of Medicine - Student Affairs

Tawaun Lucas
Biosciences PhD student

Jesus Madrid
Ph.D. candidate in the Neurosciences

Carmin Powell
Clinical Instructor, Pediatrics - Neonatal and Developmental Medicine

Diana Robles
Formerly at Stanford


Mijiza Sanchez
Associate Dean, Office of Medical Student Affairs, SoM Office of Student Services

Emily Sontag
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biology

Latishya Steele
Associate Director – Biosciences Programs

Miranda Stratton
Ph.D. Student in Biology

Brenda Torres
PhD candidate in the Immunology

Baris Ungun
MD Candidate

Grace Xiong
Formerly at Stanford


LGBTQ+/Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) Task Force

In 2016, the LGBTQ+/Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) Task Force was formed to address issues facing SGM individuals at Stanford University School of Medicine. The task force identified ongoing activities for the LGBTQ+ community at all constituency levels and brought in leading voices from these programs.

The result was the distribution of the first school-wide survey on SGM issues , a report of the responses and a town hall meeting with the Dean. In addition, a pin with Stanford Medicine branding specifically for the LGBTQ+ community and allies was developed and is continually being distributed. The task force determined that they would be most effective as an ongoing effort and evolved into the LGBTQ+/Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) Subcommittee, the first subcommittee of the Diversity Cabinet.

Task Force Members

James Lock, co-Chair
Associate Chair and Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

Marcia Stefanick, co-Chair
Director, Co-founder, Stanford WHSDM Center; Professor, Medicine and OB/GYN

Tandy Aye
Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Endocrinology) at the Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital and, by Courtesy, of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Founder of the Pediatric and Adolescent Gender Clinic at Stanford Children’s Health

Stephanie Eberle
Assistant Dean, BioSci Careers

Catherine Forest
Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

Gabriel Garcia
Professor of Medicine (Gastroenterology and Hepatology) at The Stanford University Medical Center, Emeritus

Laurence Katznelson
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education; Professor, Neurosurgery and Medicine (Endocrinology)

Sofie Kleppner
Associate Dean, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Benjamin Laniakea
Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

Terrance Mayes
Formerly at Stanford

Dennis McShane
Secretary, Alumni Association Stanford Medicine


Engaging Basic Science Researchers Task Force

The Engaging Basic Science Researchers Task Force formed in 2018 in response to basic science trainee voices requesting greater basic science researcher engagement in diversity and inclusion activities. The resulting group included all constituencies represented in the basic sciences to form high-level recommendations and guidance for implementation.

The report will be released in 2019.


Eddy Albarran, co-Chair
Ph.D. Student in Neuroscience

Ioana Marin, co-Chair
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biology
Instructor, Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Operations

Karen Artiles
Laboratory Manager, Pathology and Genetics

Ariel Calderon
Ph.D. Student In Immunology, 
Ssrp Program Leader, School Of Medicine - Grad Student Support

Alan Ceaser
Instructor, Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Operations

Magali Fassiotto
Assistant Dean For Faculty Development And Diversity

KC Huang
Associate Professor of Bioengineering and of Microbiology and Immunology

Shaila Kotadia
Director of Culture and Inclusion

Daniel Madison
Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology

Jennifer Raymond
Professor of Neurobiology

Robin Sugiura
Associate Director of Programs, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Bryan Thomas
Assistant Director of Graduate Education - Programs and Diversity, Office of Graduate Education

Karen Vesey
Director of Talent Management Strategies, Human Resources