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Past Programs

Women and Medicine Networking Program (Spring 2009)

In collaboration with Stanford’s student-run Women and Medicine (WAM) association, the CDD launched a networking program in Spring 2009 that targeted female medical students. Six networking groups were formed, consisting of three medical students, one resident or fellow, and one faculty member. The groups attended formal evening sessions where they discussed gender issues in medicine, listened to the personal and professional journeys of senior women in the University, and learned career development skills such as how to negotiate and how to act as an effective leader.  In addition, the groups met with each other on an informal basis in order to foster more intimate discussions amongst group members.

To track the success of the program, we followed the progress and development of a comparable group of students who did not take part in the mentoring program. Preliminary results show that the networking program was effective at increasing students’ career-related self-confidence and skills.


Clinical and Translational Research (CTR) Networking Program (Spring 2010)

In order to build a supportive community of clinical and translational researchers at Stanford, we are launching a new networking program for both faculty and trainees who are interested in CTR.

There are three main goals for the program:

  1. Bring together researchers across the medical school who are interested in CTR and provide them with the opportunity to network.
  2. Provide participants with knowledge about the on-campus resources available to CTR researchers.
  3. Provide mentoring and career development to CTR investigators and trainees.

The format for the program will be similar to that of the Faculty Fellows program. Small networking groups consisting of 5-6 individuals will be formed. All participants will attend a number of formal evening sessions on key topics related to CTR. In addition, the small networking groups will meet informally on a regular basis. Participation is open to faculty and students at all levels.

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