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The Recruitment to Expand Diversity & Excellence (REDE) program is a school-wide initiative that seeks to educate all faculty members on how unconscious, or implicit, biases (i.e. thoughts and feelings that lie outside of conscious awareness) affect hiring and evaluation decisions. The program is spearheaded by Drs. Hannah Valantine and Sabine Girod and is part of Stanford medical school’s larger mission of promoting institutional transformation in regards to recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty body.

Past research from the field of social psychology has demonstrated that implicit attitudes can significantly bias our decisions, even when we are sincerely committed to acting in an objective manner. It is currently unknown whether making people more aware of how implicit bias affects decisions can help people avoid their influence. In collaboration with Project Implicit, we are currently running a research study to answer this question. For questions about the REDE program or research study please contact Dr. Daisy Grewal at

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