Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 15:04:26 -0800

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From: "Tana S. Hutchison" <>

Subject: Vacation Accrual Resources

We are pleased to announce that staff from the Controller's Office, the Office of Research Administration, Oracle Financials Support and the Office of the Dean of Research have collaborated to provide you with a number of resources related to the new accounting policy around Vacation Accrual. To make it easier, we have located all the material on the Dean of Research's Vacation Resource Page at

This page should be useful for both those involved in research and those with other types of accounts. The page contains an overview of the policy and links to:

The FAQ document contains questions in the following areas:

If, after reviewing this material, you believe you would like a Vacation Accrual presentation in person, please send a request to the LD Coordinator at We will schedule a session with you.

Oracle Support Team

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