Wet Tissue Analysis and Slide Consultations

We supply free formalin filled specimen containers. Daily courier service is available within the Bay Area. Please call 650-723-6736 to request for pick up. For clients outside our courier area we provide specimen transport by FedEx. Please call for preaddressed mailers.

We strongly encourage the submission of clinical photographs of patients who undergo biopsy for a rash or who present with unusual pigmented or non-pigmented neoplasms. Electronic submission of digital photographs is easy. Just send an e-mail to dermatopathology@lists.stanford.edu and attach a digital photograph of the lesion of interest. This e-mail account is secure and can only be accessed by faculty and fellows in dermatopathology. Please maintain patient privacy and do not include full facial photographs or patient names in the e-mail.

In our interpetation of skin biopsy specimes we resort to ancillary techniques as necessary. These include histochemical stains, immunophenotyping, immunofluorescence and if necessary molecular techniques. We practice judicious use of special techniques and do not apply them indiscriminately.

The Dermatopathology Service is an integral part of Stanford Pathology Consultants. We operate as a group practice. You can be assured that difficult cases will be shared among all dermatopathologists and with other faculty members in Surgical Pathologists and Hematopathology.