We perform direct immunofluorescence for autoimmune and blistering disorders on tissue samples and indirect immunofluorescence on serum. We also perform immunomapping of the basement membrane region for epidermolysis bullosa congenita.

Please submit tissue for direct immunofluorescence in Zeus or Michels transport medium. Zeus transport medium is supplied by our laboratory, please call 650.723.6736. Once in transport medium, tissue is stable for several weeks at room temperature and can be picked up or shipped with your routine formalin fixed specimens.

Please submit serum for indirect immunofluorescence in a red top tube. We use monkey esophagus as substrate for our indirect assay. Immunofluorescence studies are run daily and the turn around time is less than 72 hours from receipt of specimen (for routine direct immunofluorescence and indirect immunofluorescence specimens).

Pemphigus vulgaris