Medical Students

Preclinical instruction focuses on basic dermatology with particular emphasis on the morphology of skin lesions. It also provides an introduction to the more commonly occurring dermatological disorders.

Directed reading and research opportunities are available under the direction of individual faculty members.

Clinical instruction consists of basic and advanced dermatology clinical electives. The basic clinical elective includes rotations through Stanford adult and pediatric clinics, and the Palo Alto VA Hospital. The advanced clinical elective is divided between Stanford, the Palo Alto VA clinics, and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Both clerkships include didactic teaching sessions as well as dermatology grand rounds. Students are expected to describe and recognize morphology, to perform a thorough skin examination, and to perform basic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. In the advanced clinical elective, students work more closely with faculty and participate in dermatopathology sessions, inpatient consultations and a variety of outpatient clinics.