DCC Services

The DCC provides several services to School of Medicine research activities, contingent upon the availability of sufficient resources on both DCC and project sides. These services can be divided broadly into several categories.



DCC personnel work with investigators to plan for their needs as they pertain to data. The ideal engagement occurs at the time a project is being conceived or a grant application is being written, rather than at a later time, although we realize this may not be possible for some projects. The planning phase involves:

  1. Determining the duration and requirements of the project
  2. Determining how the investigators would interact with project data. A guiding principle is that stored data are meant to be retrieved conveniently!
  3. Estimating the resources needed for a project in terms of hardware, software and personnel
  4. Charting a timeline for execution of the deliverables with specified milestones
  5. Reviewing the involvement of the DCC after the project funding ceases