We sit at the nexus of Stanford's interdisciplinary culture

The Department of Biomedical Data Science sits at the nexus of Stanford’s interdisciplinary culture: cross-disciplinary interests and a collaborative approach generate a prime incubation environment for innovative thought, processes, and systems.

Part of the front that we are pushing with big data is developing techniques and leveraging computational advances to perform analyses that are beyond the capabilities of the human brain, because the data sets are too large and the relationships between things in the data are too obscure for the human brain to recognize as a meaningful pattern. By teasing out these patterns more easily, we can target specific areas for disease research.

And because of our larger academic and professional community, we are able to put what we discover into trials and then practice, partnering with other Stanford, industry, and governmental entities.


Research Informatics Center (RIC)

Clinical informatics services for the School of Medicine

Data Studio

In-depth consultations for researchers

DBDS & BMI Courses

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Workshop in Biostatistics

Statistical techniques for solving current problems

Bioinformatics Training Program

Interdisciplinary graduate + postdoctoral training

Clinical Science Data Fellowships

For PhDs & MDs bridging data science + medicine


BMI Data, Modeling and Analysis Graduate Certificate

For healthcare professionals, computer scientists, biologists and bioinformaticians 

Courses & Programs for Non-Degree Students

Course topics range from clinical trial design to data driven medicine and translational bioinformatics