Workshop in Biostatistics - archive

Workshop in Biostatistics - Spring 2016

Medical School Office Building (MSOB)
Room x303
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

January 7 - March 10, 2016
Date Speaker Title of Talk
(1st Workshop)

Alex Luedtke

Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley

Inference in Precision Medicine
(Abstract and suggested reading)

Noah Simon

Assistant Professor, Dept of Biostatistics
University of Washington, Seattle

Frasian biomarker designs for randomized trials with adaptive enrichment
(Abstract and suggested reading)

Angel Rubio

Professor at the University of Navarra

Joint analysis of miRna and mRNA expression data
(Abstract and Suggested Reading)

James Zou

Microsoft Research New England and MIT, MA

Harnessing the unseen for next generation population genomics and epigenomics
(Abstract and suggested reading)

Michael Love

Dept of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Statistical methods for RNA-seq data
(Abstract and Suggested Reading)

Yates Coley

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Precision Medicine, Learning Health Systems, and Improving Surveillance of Low Risk Prostate Cancer
(Abstract and suggested reading)

Yang Li

Department of Statistics, Havard University

Statistical Methods for Identifying Shared Evolutionary History of Human Genes
(Abstract and suggested reading)


Adam Bloniarz

Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley

Sparsity in scientific applications: improving precision of causal estimates using many covariates, and building encoding models of the extrastriate visual cortex
(Abstract and suggested reading)

Ash Alizadeh, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology), Stanford
David Kurtz, MD
Postdoctoral Fellow; Oncology, Stanford

Precision tumor monitoring and outcome prediction from mathematical model of circulating tumor DNA
(Abstract and suggested reading)

Sahand Hormoz

Postdoctoral Scholar, Division of Biology and Biological Engineering,
California Institute of Technology

Uncovering dynamics of cell state transitions using synthetic biology and counterintuitive mathematics
(Abstract and suggested reading)

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