Workshop in Biostatistics (BIODS/STATS 260)

Applications of statistical techniques to current problems in medical science. To receive credit for one or two units, a student must attend every workshop. To receive two units, in addition to attending every workshop, the student is required to write an acceptable one page summary of two of the workshops, with choices made by the student. (1-2 units a term)


Medical School Office Building (MSOB)
Room x303
1:30 pm - 2:50 pm

October 6-December 1, 2016

Date Speaker Title of Talk
(1st Workshop)
Benedict Paten
Associate Research Scientist
Director, Computational Genomics Lab at the
UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute
Population assisted genome inference
(Abstract and suggested reading)
10/13 Hamsa Sridhar Bastani
Electrical Engineering, Stanford
Online Decision-Making with High-Dimensional Covariates
(Abstract and suggested reading)
Oriol Nieto
Data Scientist, Pandora
Deep Learning for Large Scale Music Recommendation
(Abstract and suggested reading)

Timothy Daley
Postdoctoral Scholar
Depts of Statistics and Bioengineering, Stanford

Capture-recapture Models for DNA Sequencing Experiments
(Abstract and suggested reading)
Rachel Wang
Stein Fellow
Dept of Statistics, Stanford
Network modeling of topological domains using Hi-C data
(Abstract and suggested reading)
Elizabeth Purdom
Associate Professor, Dept of Statistics
University of California, Berkeley
Robust strategies for analysis of single cell mRNA-Seq data
(Abstract and suggested reading)
Johan Ugander
Assistant Professor
Management Science and Engineer, Stanford
Graph clustering for network experiments
(Abstract and suggested reading)


No workshop

Michal Kosinski
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Graduate School of Business, Stanford

Mining Big Data to Extract Patterns and Predict Real-Life Outcomes
(Abstract and suggested reading)
12/8 Mark Musen
Professor of Medicine (Medical Informatics) and of Biomedical Data Science
The Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval: Making Data "FAIR"
(Abstract and suggested reading)

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