Workshop in Biostatistics

M112 Alway Building, Medical Center

(next to the Dean's courtyard)

DATE: April 13, 2017
TIME: 1:30 - 2:50 pm
TITLE: Deep learning in medicine: An introduction and applications to next-generation sequencing and disease diagnostics
SPEAKER: Mark DePristo
Head of deep learning for genetics and genomics
Google Brian Team, Google Inc.


We review the history and taxonomy of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We next introduce deep learning, covering both what it is and why its so exciting. We discuss some applications of deep learning in biotechnology, including detection of diabetic retinopathy from fundus images of the eye, detecting cancerous cells in pathology images, and finally do a deep dive into creating a deep-learning based SNP and indel caller for next-generation sequencing data.

Suggested readings:

Varun Gulshan, Lily Peng, Marc Coram, et al.  Development and Validation of a Deep Learning Algorithm for Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Retinal Fundus Photographs.  JAMA. 2016; 316(22):2402-2410.  

Yun Liu, Krishna Gadepalli, Mohammad Norouzi, et al.  Detecting Cancer Metastases on Gigapixel Pathology Images.

Ryan Poplin, Dan Newburger, Jojo Dijamco, et al.  Creating a universal SNP and small indel variant caller with deep neural networks. doi: