Workshop in Biostatistics (BIODS/STATS 260)

Students who wish to receive two credits need to write an essay summarizing one of the seminars and discussing it critically in the context of the background readings.


Medical School Office Building (MSOB)
Rm x303, 1265 Welch Road, Stanford

1:30 pm - 2:50 pm

April 2 -  June 6, 2018

Date Speaker Title of Talk


Alejandro Schuler
PhD Candidate
Biomedical Informatics Program, Stanford Shah Lab

General-purpose model selection when estimating individual treatment effects 

(Abstract and Suggested Reading)


Summer Han
Assistant Professor
Neurosurgery and Medicine, Stanford

Note: Special location in Alway M106

Novel statistical methods for identifying interactions between genes and environmental exposures for complex diseases

(Abstract and Suggested Reading)

4/19 Marc Segal
Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Stanford
Director, Center for Bioinformatics and Molecular Biostatistics

Statistical and Computational Challenges in Conformational Biology

(Abstract and Suggested Reading)


Noah Rosenberg
Professor of Population Genetics and Society
Department of Biology, Stanford

Genetic record matching using linkage disequilibrium: applications to forensic genetics

(Abstract and Suggested Reading)


James Johndrow
Stein Fellow
Statistics Department, Stanford 

Bayes Shrinkage at GWAS Scale

(Abstract and Suggested Reading)

5/10 John Blischak
Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago

The workflowr R package: a framework for reproducible and collaborative data science

(Abstract and Suggested Reading)

5/17 Adrian Raftery
Professor of Statistics and Sociology
University of Washington

Bayesian Population Projections with Migration Uncertainty

(Abstract and Suggested Reading)

5/24 No workshop (Big Data Conference)


5/31 Itschak (Tsachy) Weissman
Electrical Engineering, Stanford

 On Genomic Data Compression and Processing

(Abstract and Suggested Reading)


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