Department of Biomedical Data Science

We harness the power of data to promote health, prevent disease, and deliver care better, faster, and cheaper.

Key Programs

BMI Training Program

Training future research leaders to design and implement novel quantitative and computational methods that solve challenging problems across the entire spectrum of biology and medicine.

DBDS Workshops in Biostatistics

Weekly seminars covering applications of statistical techniques to current problems in medical science.

DBDS Data Studio

Consultations for Medical School researchers interested in biomedical data science.

What's New in DBDS?

In the Spotlight

DBDS has announced two new Associate Chairs!

Dr. Lu Tian (pictured above) has been appointed the Associate Chair of Faculty Development, while Dr. Chiara Sabatti has been named the Associate Chair of Education & Training. 

News Flash

The latest research and results about better health from the DBDS community.

DBDS Telecommuting Resource Guide

To support our academic community as many of us begin working (at least part-time) remotely, we have developed a guide with "9 Tips for Telecommuting Successfully" and appendices with recommendation technological resources, best Zoom videoconferencing practices, and a list of Stanford telecommuting resources.