Recruitment Database

Our Stanford Neuromuscular Recruitment Database is used to recruit people to our upcoming research studies, drug trials, and conferences. If you would like to enroll in our Recruitment Database, please fill out and sign the consent form and send it back to us via email, regular mail, or fax

Mailing Address:
Dr. John W. Day
Stanford University
1201 Welch Road
MSLS Building, Rm P220
Stanford, CA 94305
Fax: (650) 736-6603

Once we receive your consent, we will contact you to review the terms, enter you into our database, and send back a copy of the consent for your records.

If you are enrolling your child, they are age 8 and above, and they are able to read and understand the below Assent Form, please submit the signed Assent Form along with the original consent form.

For any questions about the Recruitment Database, please contact:
Katharine Hagerman
(650) 723-9574

See our latest Recruitment Database Newsletter for an update on our ongoing studies and trials here!

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