Overview of Required Course

  • MED 223: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Sciences Seminar (3 quarters, 2 units each quarter) This course is a weekly modified journal club that meets on Wednesdays at noon (with lunch) in the Falk Building (Cardiovascular Research Building) in the conference room on the second floor. The modified journal club begins with an overview of a particular area by the faculty member (20min), then a postdoctoral fellow or medical student presents a seminal paper (chosen by the faculty member and student) in that area of interest (20min); followed by a general discussion involving all attendees( 20min). Subsequently, the medical students and faculty members meet for 30 minutes for further questions and discussion. This course is 2 units per quarter, and you can take 3 quarters for 6 units.
  • The purpose of this course is to familiarize the students with the spectrum of basic, clinical and translational CVP research beyond their specific area of chosen investigation. After the seminar, students will meet informally with the seminar speaker. Examples of thematic topics that will be covered include how genetics and developmental biology address mechanisms of congenital heart disease, the rationale for new drug development in atherosclerosis and cardiac protection, principles of biomechanics and computer technology in device and biomaterial development, ion channel physiology leading to anti arrhythmic agents and the design of clinical trials, use of epidemiological studies, evidence based medicine, and design of new treatment or diagnostic algorithms.                                

Annual Research Day (Retreat)

A day of poster presentations, abstracts and 2 Featured Invited Internationally Recognized Speakers in Clinical and Basic Science. Guest professors who are established role models in clinical and basic science will be invited both to lecture and directly interact with the Scholarly Concentration students in an informal venue.

In addition, during the time the Scholarly Concentration student works with the mentor in the laboratory, they will be expected to attend ongoing lectures series (ex. CVI Seminar Series), and to directly participate in journal clubs and laboratory meetings of the mentor's laboratory.