Outline: Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Sciences

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Information on this site pertains to MD students who matriculated in 2006 or later. All other students who matriculated prior to 2006 should refer to their year's Guide to the Scholarly Concentrations for more information.


Marlene Rabinovitch, MD
Stanley G. Rockson, MD
Philip S. Tsao, PhD
Patricia Nguyen, MD

Objectives and Goals

The Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Sciences is an application area in the Scholarly Concentration program that provides an opportunity to understand the heart and the lungs as an integrated system, and utilize this system to develop a multidisciplinary approach to design more effective diagnostic tools and more selective treatments. Through the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute medical students have access to an educational structure provided by key faculty in this area. Its mission is to train a new generation of basic and clinician investigators who will have a broad understanding of cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine and biology and who will be able to apply cutting-edge technology to clinically relevant questions.


Students who pursue Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Sciences are required to complete six units of MED 223 Cardiovascular Pulmonary Sciences Seminar (three quarters; 2 units each quarter).

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